Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

So it's that time of year where everyone makes New Year Resolutions. I'm simply terrible at keeping them so I'm hoping that writing it down and openly proclaiming them will keep me more accountable.  At the end of the year I'm hoping to  review them and see how I did.

  • Read through the entire Bible - This one shouldn't be too hard for me. I've actually read through the Bible  this past year so hopefully this one should be quite easy. Last year this plan worked for me so I'm going to use it again. I must say... I absolutely love this plan. It allows around five extra days per month so if there is a day or two when you just can't make the time it is already built into the plan.
  • Blog twice a week - Yeah, this isn't going to be easy for me.  As anyone can clearly see, I don't even blog once a week on average. But this year I'll try my best to improve.
  • Start an Etsy shop - Wow, this is so long overdue. I've just been too lazy to get around to making this happen. I think I'm partly afraid no one will buy my doll dresses. However I've always been so critical on myself so It's about time I make this happen 
  • Do three guest blog posts - Just something I would like to do.
  • Draft (at least)10 new doll outfits - This actually doesn't sound like a ton however in the past every single outfit I've drafted has taken far long than expected and always has something to modify. But drafting is quite enjoyable for me so I hope to continue and create new designs.
  • Draw once a week -  Originally I was going to aim to do two a week however as of late, my drawings have become more detailed and are taking a fair amount longer to draw. In the end, I prioritize sewing over drawing and realize that I don't have time to do everything I want.
  • Get A's in all my community college courses - I'm only taking around two classes per semester so  with hard work and determination this should be achievable.
  • Become stronger physically - Alright, everyone makes this goal. I don't think I'm obese at all, however I realize that I'm not that athletic or in shape as I should be. I want to be strong and fit and healthy. I do love myself how I am so I want to take care of my body because of that. And really this sort of leads up to the next goal...
  •  Sew a costume/outfit for myself - I sometimes surprise people when they see my doll clothes and then I tell them that I don't really sew for myself or any people. Honestly, I don't know why I haven't, I suppose I'm just used to sewing for standardized 18 inch dolls. This sounds like a lot of fun but I'm still unsure if I want a costume, cosplay or just a everyday piece of clothing.
  • Learn to program - Back to my normal everyday life. I can't just sew for dolls my entire life so I suppose I should learn a skill that modern society values.
  • Learn to drive - Unlike many young teenagers I don't want to drive. I'm terrified when I'm behind the wheel. Maybe I have a fear of crashing or of just making a mistake.  Hopefully this year I'll overcome this.
  • Get a summer job - My parents would approve...
  • Clean and Organize my room/sewing room - Uhh.... Yeah, my room is my sewing room. It's half awesome and half crazy. But overall it is one big mess. I really need to clean it up sometime this year. 

So that basically sums up some goals for this new year. I'm looking forward to all the amazing and incredible things I will accomplish. What are your new year resolutions?


  1. Haha, ours are a lot alike:
    Strengthen my feet so I can go back to dance
    Buy two diverse dolls that are non-white
    Go ice skating once every other month
    Get 150 followers on Pinterest (I am at 80)
    Get 5 sales in our Etsy shop
    Post twice weekly
    Read the New Testament
    Use up 1/3 of my fabric so it fits in two ginormous containers instead of three
    Practice sketching
    Make one doll outfit a week
    Get 20 followers on my blog (I am at 5)

    1. Love your goals! Especially the one about the fabric... I can totally relate. I have so much fabric and I seem to be able to buy faster than I can sew it. Some fabrics are so nice I don't want to ruin them... *sign*. And by the way, I followed you on Pinterest to help you achieve one of your goals. You have some neat pins there. Well, all in all, this looks like this will be one amazing year!