Friday, January 23, 2015

Red Medieval Dress Photoshoot

Hello Everyone!

Wow, I can't believe time flies so fast as it is already the weekend. I meant to upload this photo shoot earlier but somehow life managed to get in the way. Instead of going back in to the wood-y area, I decided to go to a field. And thankfully the day was nicely overcast so there wasn't any harsh lighting and overexposure. Here's my photos, enjoy and have a awesome weekend!


  1. Ooohhh! That turned out super cute!
    For some odd reason, I had a dream that I met you in person last night. Weird but fun!

    1. Thanks, I'm also happy with how the dress turned out.

      Wow, that's weird that you had a dream about us meeting. It would be fun to meet you. We could talk about dolls, sewing and just our experiences. Then we could draft an dress together or sew something awesome. Or perhaps we could trade some fabric or teach each other a couple tips and tricks to sewing. But more than anything, it would be nice to meet such an amazing person as you in person. Maybe someday...


    2. It is pretty odd, haha. Ooh, that would be so much fun! All my friends who sew sew historical clothes for dolls such as Felicity, Molly, and Caroline, who I don't have and therefore don't sew for. Aw, thanks! I bet you could teach me quite a bit about sewing, so that would be lovely.