Thursday, December 4, 2014

Updates and a Photo Shoot

Hello peoples!!

I'm not dead, for the record. These last couple weeks have been just a tad crazy but schools is finally starting to wind down.  I had a craft fair a couple weeks ago and meant to take pictures but forgot the camera (of course). Then thanksgiving and all that craziness came. And then boom! It's Christmas time.

I have another craft fair in a week. It's not really that big since it's only for a co-op but I should sew a couple new dresses. After that though, I really want to explore new techniques and create new designs.  I originally wanted to enter the Doll Wardrobe Fashion Design Contest however I put it off for too long until it became too late. So I was thinking I might make some designs from games and movies and just have fun with it. I'll update you on that when I get working on it.

Somewhere in all my craziness I actually had did photo shoot. I can sum up that experience quite quickly: it was cold! So I was outside on a cold windy day and I forgot gloves so my hands were freezing and I couldn't pose the doll very well. The leaves were a bit wet so I was trying super hard to keep the doll, dress and boots from becoming dirty. Also I was a tad disappointed that the sun was so harsh because all the leaves fell from the trees leaving no barrier from the sun. And then to top it all, my camera batteries were running out so I was trying to be quick but take good photos. Oh well, at least I learned a ton from making so many mistakes. There were a couple pictures I liked so let me show them to you all. 






Thanks for reading and looking!


  1. Ooooh! So pretty!
    I may or may not be acting like a little kid in a toy shop right now. :)


  2. Nicole! Guess what, guess what, guess what?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    I got a new sewing machine! My grandparents came over on Christmas and my grandmother was trying to help me fix the bobbin. We could put it in but I couldn't actually sew because it was getting stuck on something. So they took it to get it fixed, and then yesterday they came over with a new sewing machine for me and my sister! Heehee! *jumps on couch, then onto other couch, singing embarrassing songs that are at the end of all the AG movies*
    And it makes button holes! And sews on buttons! And zippers! And does satin stitch! And 50 million other things that my old one couldn't! (My old one was from the 70s and was my great grandmothers)

    1. That's awesome!!!

      I'm so happy for you and your sister. I remember we had an older machine that could only do simple stitches. When I was finally allowed to use our newer sewing machine I was overwhelmed by all the options, different stitches and techniques. I'm sure it'll help you make incredible doll dresses. What an amazing Christmas present!

    2. :D
      I've been pretty much sewing my whole free time. My old one was so old that it kept breaking so I would use it once or twice and then I had to wait for my grandmother to help me. The only place we have room for it is out in our family room, on our craft table, but we use that for painting, sketching, scrapbook, and general crafty stuff, so I can't keep it on there all the time. It used to work out that I didn't keep it on there very much, since I kept having to wait for my grandmother to fix it, but now I got the new one it is basically a permanent attachment. :) I share my room with my sister, so I can't keep it in my room, though I would love to!

      Heehee, still really giddy about it.
      You know how sometimes on dresses and such it kind of looks like they used piping right by the hem?
      Here is a good example, look at the neckline:
      I've always wondered how you get it to look like that, and then I realized my new machine was doing it automatically. I pretty much freaked out because I love that look.
      Yeah, heehee I am still obsessing over it. I'm going to go finish a doll outfit, so bye-bye!