Saturday, January 10, 2015

Saturday Sketches

Hello again!

Well, so far I'm not doing so well with my new year's resolutions (like posting twice a week...). Hey, more room for improvement. For some reason I actually thought I would get tons of sewing done this Christmas break. Turns out that barely sewed at all. I think I was feeling a lack of inspiration and a fear of failure.But now I'm finally getting back into my sewing mode so all is well.

In the midst of Christmas rush, I did manage to get a little drawing done. Overall, I must say I'm quite happy with this batch of drawings.

First up is this cool lady holding some sort of orb-y sun of power. The hand actually turned out with this drawing and looks semi realistic. I had no idea the boots were so uneven. Whooopsss.... I do like the nice shiny hair... maybe she should be a hair model?  Oh yeah... I'm supposed to be evaluating the outfit designs and not necessary my drawings. The outfit here is actually quite boring (I just like the boots, hair and randomness) so let's move on.

Okay, this is epic. The designs, details, double swords, and boots. I really put plenty of time working in the details here and trying to have some proper shading. Drawings like this make me wish I could transfer it to a computer and digitally color it since I'm too afraid to color pencil it in fear of ruining it. But in the meantime I should work on getting the back leg's perspective right. 

Next we have the librarian with a dagger (better return your books on time...).  Just joking. I really don't know who she suppose to be, I just sort of draw until I think it looks good together. The side angle helps make the picture more interesting however makes it a challenge to match the outfit on both sides. And again I love the boots... why don't stores expend their selections? Maybe I'm just bias. 

And to finish it up, we have the hooded girl with the goblet. I could have done with a bit more shading on this one. Those sleeves really should flow a bit more, don't you think? And I should have chopped of that strange collar/neckline spikes since isn't helping the drawing.  My brother asked what was in the cup. Maybe poison. To poison someone else? Or maybe herself? There defiantly is a story to tell. 

So those are my strange drawings of the past week/month. If the stars align I'll have a post about clothing I would like to sew or maybe the project I'm currently working on. We will see. So, I hope your weekend is going nicely and you are staying warm. Till next time.


  1. Nice sketches! When I saw this, I realized I never did post my sketches on my blog...oops.
    I like the dress. I think it would be really pretty in white with gold trim. Think Greek goddess style. Maybe the orb could be the moon.
    I don't know what it is, (maybe the hair?) but something about reminds me of cover picture on the book Enna Burning.
    Haha, librarian with the dagger. That dress looks like something I would wear (knee-length, though)
    Maybe it is the goblet of fire? (I'm obsessed with Harry Potter) I love that design, though. The top could look really cool with smocking


    1. Hello Kathleen,

      I would absolutely love to see your sketches. Sometimes I feel like I'm out of inspiration so perhaps seeing another person's ideas on paper would help inspire me.

      White with gold trim... Hmm. I hadn't thought of that outfit in that color scheme but now that you mention it, I think it would look great.

      That's interesting that it reminded you of a cover picture. I must admit sometimes I do look at book covers for inspiration but I would never guess that I would ever be able to draw well enough to actually create my own unique designs.

      Yep me and my dangerous librarians. I would never wear half of the things I draw without adjustments. But with some changes, I would totally wear them.

      Goblet of fire? I haven't actually watched Harry Potter (I want to someday...) but that does sound cool.

      Thanks for commenting,

  2. Hello!

    Same here. I get inspiration from fabric, pinterest, and other people's designs, mainly.

    Thanks! :D Sometimes I will have my designs out, and a friend will come over and suggest a color combo for that outfit, One of my friends loves to design clothes, but doesn't have doll, and she always ends up giving me ideas for what colors each doll should wear and stuff.

    I do too, TBH, Every time I look at that, it reminds me of it. It's kind of weird, but....Here is the cover I think of: (it is the second one down)

    This morning my friend and I were being sarcastic about his book that was quite rude about teenagers having dolls. I now have the nickname "Librarian with Sarcasm." Originally I was going to be Bookworm with Sarcasm" but she has a friend who is very sarcastic with the nickname Bookworm. IT reminded me of this, so I showed her this picture. She said she would like to know this person. I wouldn't either, I've been working on a strapless dress right now, which I would never in a million years be allowed to wear myself. I would love to make it for myself, with some thinner straps, though.

    *gasp* READ HARRY POTTER READ HARRY POTTER READ HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!! It is brilliant I tell you.




    1. Hey Kathleen!

      I'm so happy that you are so excited. Every time I see you comment on my post I'm screaming with joy. It makes me feel special when someone takes the time to appreciate what I do. And you and your blog are awesome!

      Nicole, who is internet screaming along side you.

    2. Aww! Thanks! I do the same whenever someone comments on my blog. You have a really great blog and I love to read it! Thanks! *Does a happy dance*

      Kathleen, who is still internet screaming