Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sneak Peek - Medieval Doll Book

Hello, I'm back again! It's been quite a while and honestly that's mostly due to my laziness. So hopefully I'll get back on track and be active in blogging again. 

So actually a couple weeks back I randomly decided to make a doll craft. I was browsing the web and found tutorials for miniature books. Like this:

However me, being the brilliant person I am, decided not to follow any of these tutorials but instead create my own little booklet. It was fun, a bit tedious (look at the top stitching....) but I'm happy with the result. Already, I noticed a couple areas to improve in but overall it's a cute little doll sized book. 

I might make a tutorial for it... but it might take some time as I will have make another one since I forgot to take any pictures of the process. Some different color would be cool and maybe a slightly different design.

Without further ado, I present a miniature book.

I hope you like these pictures. I promise that I did work some on the starry purple witch dress today. I almost completed it however am a bit stumped with the hemming. But all is well as I'm starting to get my crafty mood back after a month break. I hope you have a great week! 

Let me know in the comments if you want to see a tutorial for the book.


  1. Yes please! I made one out of paper but it isn't nearly as good as this!

    P.S.-We got another doll! We normally get 1 doll a year, and it is already March and we've gotten 3 dolls. It's Hearts for Hearts Dell, renamed Piper. :) I promise we don't normally get this many dolls, teehee.

  2. Alrighty, I start working on a tutorial. It'll be a nice break from sewing.

    Three new dolls! It's quite a exciting year for you isn't it? I don't think the dolls could wish for a better home.

    Have a awesome week,


  3. Teehee, I'm just starting on a big sewing spree. Seeing as how we got 3 dolls, and they can't really share many of their clothes (40s British girl, Pakistani girl, and Ethiopian) we have to sew a whole wardrobe for them. You wouldn't believe how many patterns are being drafted right now.

    Yep. :D so excited. Welllllll, I know multiple people who would have a better home (you included) but thank you. :)

    You too!

  4. Hey, Nicole. This is a weird question, but....yeah.
    Anyways, I'm sure you've heard of them or seen them. Anyways, they're the ones we got 3 of (actually yesterday we got a 4th but I don't get to open it till nearer my birthday, because it is a super early birthday present.
    You might have heard that they're being discontinued. Now that I have some, and have started reading the online diaries, and could see the quality for myself, I've decided that they're my favorite doll line. That means a lot coming from me.
    If you don't know much about them, look at the website here:
    Psst. Read some of October 2010 through March 2011 of Lillian's diary. It's so sad, but really really well done.
    So, I can get really passionate about things I love. Last night was I was very....erm....loud. Yeah, we'll go with loud. So, Claire (my little sister) and I were brainstorming to see if there was any way to save these dolls. Well, we are going to contact the company and see if it's possible to save the dolls. If they are missing funds to keep it going, we are going to ask if we could start a Kick Starter campaign.
    Do you think that would work? Do you think people would donate money to that?

    They're a very controversial doll brand for some people, so that isn't really helping their sales, but I love them for it.


    1. Argh! I somehow deleted it, but I'm talking about Hearts for Hearts dolls, FYI.

  5. I nominated you for the Darling Doll Blog Award :)

    Also, sorry for filling up the comments. ;)

    1. Thanks so much! I really appreciate the comment even after my pure neglect of the poor blog. I must admit, I've been a tad busy sorting out my life and priorities. I can't guarantee that I will answer the questions anytime soon, but I'll try my best =) .
      Thanks so much for being awesome!

    2. Sorry I didn't see this till now! I've also been busy.
      Oh shush, your blog is fantastic! I really do love it!
      No, thank you for being so awesome!