Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday Sketches

What's up peoples?
Okay, originally I was going to post a tutorial/the making of my boots. I still will, however I'm not quite done with it yet. In my mind I believe every post should be faultless and perfectly done (yeah I'm a perfectionist).  Reality is that I don't have a million hours every day so I just have to make do with what I have. That's what life is all about isn't it? Wherever we are, in whatever circumstance, we are to be content and create something with whatever materials, abilities, and time we have. Don't look to me as an example, it's so easy to preach and not actually do anything.

Anyways, enough of my inspiring message, because now we move on to more interesting topics. I have some pictures of some drawings that I would like to share with you. I am by no means a professional drawer and honestly I think myself quite terrible (like I said, I'm a perfectionist). Usually, I draw for either practice, leisure or just to get brainstorming for drafting doll clothes. They range from terrible, which I will not be sharing today, to okay, to that's pretty good. 

So let's start with my least favorite of the bunch.

I don't even know what I was trying to do here. A patchwork jacket? Really? It sure looks like that. Her hair looks really thin too... She looks unhappy but I can't blame her. (Also you might notice a lack of hands due to the fact that I stink at drawing hands). Maybe some color would help. (By the way, she is suppose to be wearing leggings but it's really hard for me to show that).

Okay let's move on. How about this.

I'm not sure whether those curvy things are suppose to feather or something else. Her sharp looking gloves are kind of cool. However they don't match the outfit very well and she would probably poke herself every time she moved. Again limp hair... Sign... But then again, I would love to have an dress like this. I'd probably get some strange looks though.

For some reason this always reminds me of a witch. Not sure why since it isn't overly witchy. Her necklace/ thing would annoy me so much. I personally can't stand wearing necklaces and jewelry as they itch and  drive me crazy. The top came out nicely. There would be so many fun ways to use that in real life layering. And as you can tell, I'm trying to figure out how to shade draping, folds and creases. Overall, I actually like this outfit.

I had fun with the posing on this one. Something fun and happy. By now you can see that I love drawing boots. Boots are awesome since I find that you can add a ton of details to them as well as they are easy to draw. If you are wondering why my models don't wear heels, well, that a reflection of me. I can't, hate and don't understand heels ( if you can wear heels, kudos to you). So basically I draw what I wish people would wear in everyday life. 

Yes, that is suppose to be a sword. I've drawn lots of swords so I was striving to be unique on this one. That was meant to be a twisted blade. Can it do any damage? I doubt it. More boots! And weird square sleeves. She looks like a fish with fins with those sleeves. More feathers but I think they look cooler here. I wish I had lovely hair like that with it being so graceful and perfect. Overall the style is mixed like I couldn't make up my mind. But mistakes are just part of the process. 

What did you think? Disagree with my commentary  well, leave a comment below and tell me which is your favorite. Maybe with enough input I'll consider drafting a miniature version for dolls and share how I make it. So let me know and thanks for reading!

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